SNAPSHOT: Mobile Speeds Commerce

Mariana Tembe, is an informal cross-border trader who provides a vital service to the communities where she sells her products. For the past 27 years Mariana has been travelling from Mozambique to Johannesburg to source products. These journeys are long and costly; she has been accosted by criminals, and on many occasions has been threatened by border officials demanding bribes.

Mariana, like the other African informal cross-border traders, relies on the profit she makes from this type of trade to provide for her family. However, she knows that to remain in business she needs to change how she sources products; shifting her reliance from the informal supply chain to one that meets the criteria of an increasingly digital world.

moWoza provides Mariana with a solution which she can access from her mobile phone to source products without having to travel, saving her time, money and effort. The agent support network has shown Mariana how to connect onto the World Wide Web through her mobile phone. The agent explains that Mariana will soon be able to access financial products and market directly to her customers through her mobile phone.

moWoza mobile access for all

With a fast, secure, and very cost-effective service the possibilities seem endless for Mariana; she can open a bank account, receive important information, market directly to her customers and even other informal cross-border traders her product range.

Mariana (a moWoza focus group participant)